Exclusive Distribution
Lactoferrin Westland Milk Products

Cow's milk

Lactoferrin extracted from high-quality grass-fed cow's milk. Heavy rainfall and hours of sunshine combine to ensure nutrient-rich grass for our cows grazing all year round.

High Quality

Controlled production according to a Risk Management Programme. Since 2018 awarded the silver medal EcoVadis, an internationally renowned corporate social responsibility body.

Freeze Dry 

Sophisticated freeze-drying process that protects heat-sensitive proteins while preserving their structural integrity. This helps
This helps to maintain all the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
properties of the product.

Origin 100%
New Zealand

Westland Milk Products' Lactoferrin, produced at the Hotikika plant, comes from exclusively New Zealand cow's milk pasteurised at a temperature of 72 degrees plus 15 seconds. Healthy cows, bred through modern, sustainable farming practices and an extremely fast process from milking to delivery, make Lactoferrin a quality ingredient for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

No use
of rBST

Cattle reared without
the use of synthetic hormones
Westland Milk Products guarantees that milk from its cows is free of rBST. Synthetic hormones such as growth hormone (rBST) are administered to increase milk production. Such practices not only cause animals to suffer (Suisse Nutraingredients has always been committed to sustainability), but also lead to inflammation requiring the use of antibiotics. The drugs spill over into the milk, altering the raw material. For these reasons, the lactoferrin distributed by Suisse is obtained from the milk of cows that have never received rBST.

of pesticides and GMOs

The New Zealand Government has initiated the National Chemical Contaminants Programme (NCCP) under which, after careful analysis of chemical residues in dairy products, precise production requirements have been established. Lactoferrin distributed by Suisse is a supplement ingredient produced in accordance with New Zealand's Food Compounds Regulation. In addition to the NCCP, the Company carries out annual screening for pesticides and other compounds.
Production capacity
Over 80m/year

Westland Milk Products has a strong reputation in the market and has been a reliable manufacturer for almost twenty years, producing a high quality lactoferrin.

It has a production capacity of over 80mt/year and supplies all supplement, food and functional infant formula companies in Europe, America and China.

FSSC 22000 accredited
Strict processing, hygiene and environmental standards are respected and environment are respected throughout our production chain.

Laboratory accredited to ISO 17025
All Westland products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that
ensure that they meet all necessary requirements.

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For the formulation of your food supplements, nutritional products
for children and adults, skin care and oral hygiene!

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